We want you for the Emotion Lab!

Wanna do some great neuroscience at Turku PET Centre in Finland? Why not join the Emotion Lab and start working with us! We are now starting our new flagship project on total-body PET imaging of the human emotion circuits and their disorders using the state-of-the-art Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra whole-body PET scanner. Our goal is to understand the regulation of human emotions from the perspective of integrated nervous system spanning the central-peripheral axis. Special focus is on the anxious phenotype and imaging of cerebral and cardiac function. 

We are recruiting 2-3 aspiring individuals skilled in either 1) human neuroimaging, 2) complex data analysis,  signal processing and programming or 3) medical image processing. The appointment can be made at PhD student, postdoc, or project researcher level. Starting date is flexible but preferably before September 1st 2022. If you are interested, please contact Lauri Nummenmaa (latanu@utu.fi) for further information.

Human Emotion Systems Laboratory focuses on mapping the neurochemical and functional mechanisms that support human emotions, as well as their dysfunction in different psychiatric and neurological disorders. Our international and interdisciplinary team consists of 15 scientists from various disciplines ranging from clinical medicine and engineering to bioinformatics and psychology. 

Turku PET Centre is one of the world’s leading nuclear medicine imaging units, with strong experience in molecular, functional and structural neuroimaging. The imaging laboratory consists of one total-body PET scanner, PET/MRI scanner, 2 conventional PET/CT scanners, and high-resolution PET scanner (HRRT) for brain imaging. For preclinical imaging we have three small animal PET-CT scanners. Our state-of-the art radiochemistry laboratory operated 4 cyclotrons with 25 hot cells with automated synthesis equipment for tracer development and production, and is operating under GMP quality standards.

The project is funded by The Academy of Finland and Sigrid Juselius Stiftelse. This announcement was originally posted on May 9th 2022.