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madamMost of our experiments involve on-site brain imaging, but we also do lots of on-line experiments. On this page we have listed the currently running experiments that you can participate to using your own computer. Participating to the experiments is completely voluntary, and we cannot identify you on the basis of your responses. All the results will be analyzed by our lab members only.

Fear for snakes

Are you afraid of snakes? Or do you rather consider them sweet and cute? In this study we are investigating how common fear for snakes is. We simply ask you regarding your feeling upon different types of encounters with snakes. The study takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
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Horror films

Many of us enjoy wathching horror films, even though they are aimed at eliciting negative feelings and playing with our fears. In this experiments we are interested in how scary different horror films are, and what makes the films scary. You are asked to rate only films that you have previously seen, so you won’t have to actually watch any movies. There are two different versions (1-2) of the experiment, feel free to pick either or you can also complete them both!

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Aesthetic sensations

How do you feel when you are viewing different works of art? In this study we show you different pictures, and your task is to report the bodily sensations that viewing each piece of art triggers.
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Sensual touch

Touching your partner is a great way to elicit sexual arousal. But do we use touch in the same way when masturbating or having sex with partner? And how well do people know which touches turn the other sex on?
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Sensations in the mind and body

We may be consciously aware of many bodily processes such as sudden increases in heart rate. Yet similarly, many mental processes may be experienced in the body. In this study we map whereabouts humans experience these different processes occurring.
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Prevalence of animal fears

Many of us find some animals particularly frightening. It is of course reasonable to be afraid of dangerous animal, and in this experiment we investigate what are the most commonly feared animals. You are simply shown pictures of different animals, and asked to rate how much you are afraid of them. The experiment is available in many different languages, please choose the one using your native language!

  1. English
  2. German 
  3. Swedish
  4. Italian
  5. Finnish
  6. Persian
  7. Taiwanese
  8. Russian
  9. Polish
  10. Greek

Bodily basis of emotions

Emotions are experienced not only in the mind, but also in the body. In this experiment we study the bodily sensations associated with different emotions such as anger and happiness. The experiment is very fun to complete: your task is to colour emotions over human bodies with the mouse! The experiment takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
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Social communication via interpersonal touch

Touching is one of the most intimate and powerful ways of human communication. In this experiment we study how and when humans touch each in different social situations. The experiment takes about 15-20 minutes to complete depending on the size of your social network.Note: There are two alterantive versions of the experiment, you can complete both of them if you wish.

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