We want you for the Emotion Lab!

Wanna do some great neuroscience at Turku PET Centre in Finland? Why not join the emotion group and start working with us! We are now starting our new flagship project on the effects of somatic health and socioeconomic well being on brain structure and neurochemistry.

We’re recruiting 1-2 aspiring individuals skilled in either 1) human neuroimaging, 2) complex data analysis and signal processing or 3) medical image processing. The appointment can be made at PhD student, postdoc, or project researcher level. Starting date is flexible but will be after May 1st 2017. If you are interested, please contact Lauri Nummenmaa (firstname.lastname@utu.fi) for further information.

The project is funded by Sigrid Juselius Foundation. Announcement originally posted on March 27th 2017.